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Wet grass

Top Dressing

Spread top dressing to add natural nutrients and improve drainage to your existing turf surfaces.

60-40 Divot Mix

A blend of 60% dried sand plus 40% green organic waste (leaves, grass, and/or brush) that has composted for more than a year. The high organic content assures good moisture retention to support favorable seed germination and plant growth.

90-10 Topdress Mix

This fine product is 90% dried and treated sand with 10% humus, mixed and sized per the USGA recommendations. It is treated with a soil surfactant and carries the benefits set forth in the TDT description.

85-15 Contruction Mix

Ideal for new construction, this is a blend of 85% sand and 15% sphagnum. It is well within the guidelines of the USGA for putting green construction and has K-Sat rates between 10 and 20 inches per hour.

Infield Mix

A blend of sand, salt, and clay for high performance playing surfaces.

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