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Application Services

Application Services

Bulk Spreading and Spraying is a great tool in reducing cost, time and waste. Bulk Spreading is done using a Ford F-550 equipped with flotation tires and a radar guided spreading computer. The F-550 can hold up to 3 tons of product. Complementing it is our new Tender truck. The Tender Truck can carry an additional 13 tons, allowing us to spread 100 acres of product per day. The Bulk Spraying is done using a Ford F-450 with Raven control system. The Spray truck can carry 500 gallons of product and, with a 40 foot spray width, can easily spray 100 acres per day.  Smaller golf and athletic field jobs are generally done using a Broyhill AccuPro 210 Spray Unit. It, too, is equipped with a Raven control system, 15 foot boom and 210 gallon tank. The AccuPro has the ability to spray 40 acres of turf per day.

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