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Turf King Seed is blended with superior quality varieties of Turf Grass Seed. We offer reliable blends & mixes to meet any planting need. Custom blending and bentgrass formulations are also available. Our seed blends & mixes contain some of the newest seeds available on the market that are backed by the latest in university studies. Turf King Seed will meet Federal and State quality standards.

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Turf King Seed Blends & Mixes

Turf King Seed is blended to produce superior quality turfgrass using the newest seed varieties on the market. These blends & mixes are specifically formulated to grow in desired turf locations.

Bentgrass Blends

We carry top-of-the-line name brand Bentgrasses you know and trust. These industry-leading blends focus on a variety of turf needs. They are tested and proven effective to increase germination time, improve disease resistance, and display a desirable turf texture and color.


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