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Wet grass

Bentgrass Blends

We carry top-of-the-line name brand Bentgrasses you know and trust. These industry-leading blends focus on a variety of turf needs. They are tested and proven effective to increase germination time, improve disease resistance, and display a desirable turf texture and color. Available by the 50-pound bag. 

A-4 Bentgrass
PennTrio Bentgrass
Ideal for tees, fairways, and winter overseeding uses. A High-quality blend with ready-to-seed convenience.
Penncross Bentgrass
Provides a smooth surface for putting greens. Aggressive lateral growth and the ability to recover quickly makes a great choice for use on tees and landing areas.
Pennlinks II Bentgrass
Developed specifically for fairways. Pennlinks II provides a wide range of adaptability such as tight upright growth habit, a fine leaf & dense canopy and high disease resistance.
G-2 Bentgrass
G-2 has a dense, vertical growth habit and exhibits an absence of grain. Adapts to conditions where heat, humidity, and disease subject greens to significant stress.
PinUp Bentgrass
A high shoot density creeping bentgrass developed to produces an erect, non-grainy, uniform, dark green, and low height of cut putting surface. Ideal variety for putting green speed.
Nightlife Bentgrass
Finely textured blades, excellent turf quality, and dramatic dark green color makes this an excellent choice on tees, greens, or fairways. Nightlife is extremely playable with a deep blue-green, slightly finer texture, and excellent aggressiveness against Poa annua.
Tourstar 25 Bentgrass
A 3-way creeping bentgrass blend that germinates quickly, shows excellent turf quality and color while providing superior disease resistance and salt tolerance.
Chinook Bentgrass
A modern variety bred for outstanding dollar spot resistance and summer stress tolerance. It will tolerate the lowest cutting heights and excellent overall disease resistance. An aggressive, medium dense cover, and will repair from aerification quickly. Was bred for use on tees, fairways, and greens.
Coho Bentgrass
Bred for superior summer performance, stress tolerance, disease resistance and versatility. It will tolerate the lowest heights even in the hottest days of summer. It has a medium dark green color and good density.
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